Tile Roofing in Annapolis, MD

All roofing companies in Annapolis are not the same; some offer you a professional service that has you keeping their number posted on your fridge, or else you get the others that you dismiss as a terrible mistake, wishing you had known better and not made such an expensive mistake. That’s how important it is to choose the right professionals who are experts in roofing materials and repairs and much more.

When it comes to tile roofing you can expect the life expectancy to last pretty well along with other economic advantages as well. Tile roofing comes in a variety of designs and colors. Professionals will guide you through making the right choices when it comes to the type of tile you want; such as wood, slate, clay, or ceramic – ceramic tiles have been kiln-fired so they are pretty popular, being so natural in appearance. That makes tile roofing pretty attractive to look at as well, adding value to your home - and then you still get durability and strong resistance as well – no one is going to know the exact time and place that a raging tornado or a devastating fire or earthquake is going to rattle your roof – but the tile roof will withstand and endure.

What tiles should you choose?

  • Even though a tiling roofing contractor will be packed with advice and experience to discuss your tiling needs, it also is a matter of personal choice. Clay tiles last the longest and you get the stunning natural colors through the firing process. Then you get the concrete tiles which are extremely affordable and economical. And last but not least are the synthetic titles which are very lightweight and can be installed on trusses which have been designed for asphalt roofs.
  • Some people worry that opting for tiling roofing you are letting yourself in for fragile and even brittle tile jobs, but the clay and concrete tiles are able to withstand most weather thrown at them, even hail.
  • Another thing a lot of people are worried about is that they think tiles are too heavy to consider. But most modern homes and buildings are strong enough to support the standard tile roof. Even the older roofs that haven’t got the same structures are ideal for synthetic tiles, which are a far lighter alternative to concrete and clay tiles.

Tiles are also cost-effective – this is because of their durability, their life span as well as their excellent insulation. The tiles are installed on battens allowing for air movement between the tiles and your home. This cuts down a lot on heat transfer, allowing your heating bills not to soar through the roof!

Are there benefits to tiling?

Sure, there are.

  • They’re always available in magnificent colors and styles.
  • Recent technologies allow concrete and clay tiles to be produced to fit any style of roofing you have, whether it is contemporary or whether it’s a New England Colonial style look. You can also opt for round or flat tiles – What about making your tiles to look the same as wooden shakes?
  • Roofing tiles are also fire proof; providing Annapolis home owners’ energy benefits too. This includes Energy Star Compliance, which offers residents the opportunity of installing energy efficient improvements in their homes. Participating contractors are certified and accredited.
  • Long lasting protection of your home.
  • Limited maintenance, lasting potentially for over 50 years or more.

It’s no secret; tiles are becoming top roof choice when it comes to re-roofing because of their fantastic benefits. Individual repair of roof tiles is really easy compared to other products for roofs. Tiles have been used all over the world for centuries, being even older than asphalt shingles, and it’s because they are so versatile as well, being suitable for warm as well as the cold countries. Tile roofs simply allow water and air to flow naturally.

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