Metal Roofing in Annapolis, MD

Keep your lid on! Choose these top metal roofers in Annapolis, MD

Are you living in Annapolis, MD, or moving there; looking for or needing a really reliable, trustworthy company to erect your roof? This Annapolis roofing company provides honesty and accuracy, starting and completing your work within the discussed quoted time.

Wind storms, hail, snow, extreme heat, all these play a role in venting their wrath on your roof, and we will work with your insurance company to give you the best value for your money. Not all roofing contractors are reliable, so you need honest guys, being upfront with you about what materials will be used and exactly what work will be carried out.

What to consider before you have metal roof repairs or additions?

  • Let us help you decide what type of metal roofing you
    want because there are many types. It could be steel, or copper, or zinc, or aluminum
    – many types. Then you also need to consider any special features that you want,
    such as skylights, ridge vents, gutters and downspouts, etc. Maybe your roof
    has many roof sections and is built on more than one level – you need the pros
    for these.

Metal Roofing features

  1. One fantastic thing about a metal roof for your home is it might well be the only
    roof you will ever need, because they are known to last over 100 years, with
    most being warrantied for at least 50 years.
  2. Actually, you won’t find many other roofs that come close to the performance, value and
    durability that you get from a metal roof. They are weather resistant to winds
    as high as 120 mph!  The impermeable
    panels and minimal seaming make them able to withstand all that Mother Nature
    throws their way.
  3. Metal
    roofs are attractive too and come in a wide array of colors, giving your home
    its own unique look.
  4. Metal is also is resistant to fire, serving to protect the support structures
  5. They are also energy efficient. They reflect a lot of the sun’s energy, helping to
    maintain balanced temperatures between the supporting structures and the roof
    deck. You will notice your energy bills will be less when cooling down or heating
    up your home.
  6. Not only that, metal doesn’t fade, it doesn’t chip or crack or curl up as shingles
    do and neither does it slide out of alignments like slate or tiles. Even so, a metal
    roof will come with extensive warranties against such chipping, rusting,
    chalking, or fading. Metals roof don’t rust because manufacturers protect the
    roof by adding a layer of protective zinc or aluminum in. Then the roof is
    painted with high-quality paint. A metal roof also doesn’t dent, and if the
    roof can withstand the moderate onslaughts of hurricanes, a bit of hail is not
    going to damage your metal roof. Even walking on a metal roof (which shouldn’t
    be done by non-professionals) will not damage your metal roof.

Debunking Metal Roofing Myths

  • Lots of people wonder about metal roofs making a noise
    when it rains, but no – they are usually installed over your existing roof or over
    plywood, making no more noise than the typical asphalt-shingled roof.
  • Metal roofs are also good lightning conductors, debunking
    the myth that lightning is attracted to them. A metal roof helps to dissipate
    the charge that lightning can cause, with far less chance of your roof catching
  • People also say metals roofs are too expensive, but
    yes, when you compare them to asphalt shingles – then it might sound expensive.
    But when you work out the cost of roof repairs and replacements for asphalt
    shingle roofs, you are saving on your metal roof, and more so when installed by
    the professionals.

If you want to add real value and attractiveness to your home, consider metal roofs, which have certainly gained the interest and attention of homeowners and developers.